For race 2 it was Melandri on pole once again followed by Forés and Camier. Heading the 2nd row was Torres, van der Mark and Mercado ahead of the 3 Brits – Sykes, Rea and Davies. Row 4 was Laverty, Lowes and Savadori leading De Angelis, De Rosa and Ramos. Finally, the last 2 rows included Krummenacher, Bradl, Gagne, Smrz, Badovini and Jezek.

The most impressive start was from Sykes who came from the 3rd row and took the lead within 2 corners, as well as his team mate Rea who managed to take 2nd early on. After Sykes led a few laps there was a small batter between him and Rea and eventually Rea came out on top and led until the end.

It was again a lonely ride for Melandri in 4th who did well to stay there, after a huge mistake pushed him back down to 9th but he was able to recover. The same could be said for Davies, as he started to make his way towards the race leader at a good pace, but once he got to Forés, he struggled to get past as Forés was riding very defensively. In the end, Davies did get through.

Once Davies got through the pack into 3rd he had Sykes in his sight and went to catch him, with only 3 laps to go he got the gap down to under a second but on the last lap he lost it all and hadto settle for 3rd leaving the 2 Kawasaki’s to take 1st and 2nd.

This is what the riders had to say:

P1 – Rea: “The race was incredible, the pace was super fast and the bike was working really good, from ¾ distance my tyres spun on the rim a lot and I had a lot of vibrations but I just kept focused to try and do everything and even when I started to calm down the lap time was still coming and the gap was still increasing. These days don’t come a lot to be honest, it was almost effortless on the bike out there today so I want to my team for making the steps that we needed from race 1 and we are here and it’s going to be a much easier fight home now.”

P2 – Sykes: “The main thing was to get a good start and see where we lined up. We gave way in a couple of areas which over 1 lap wasn’t a big deal but over the 25 was a big problem, I tried to compensate in some areas but wasn’t able, Rea was strong and consistent- I was consistent but in the middle had some slack laps trying to adjust the brake and some strategies and missed a couple of apexes because here everything falls into 1 so small mistake on my front there and all I was left to do was managed the gap to Davies and overall we made small steps. This race was faster than yesterday and the race was consistent and we just missed a couple of 10ths. Relativity happy, obviously disappointed to not challenge for the win but now we need to improve the bike and be stronger for the 2nd part of the season.”

P3 – Davies: “It wasn’t the best of starts, the Kawasakis every time they were on the same grid, I don’t know what they do but in the first couple of corners they are gone and I’m in my own little battle in 6th/7th/8th and they’re already in P1 and P2 so that is something we need to do something about because it is difficult to recover that time but without making excuses Rea put the hammer down early and rode a great race and sealed the victory in the early laps. Sykes was there for the taking if the laps were cleaner but unfortunately the laps ran out, in the end it wasn’t to be and unfortunately we are on the bottom step of the podium but still just to be on the podium given the difficulties of the last couple of weeks and especially with the victory yesterday is just amazing- It’s been an amazing weekend.”

The final results were as follows:

Rea took the win ahead of Sykes and Davies. In 4th it was Melandri followed by Forés, Laverty and Mercado. Finishing the top 10 is was Savadori in 8th, Lowes and then van der Mark. In 11th it was Bradl in front of Ramos and De Angelis and in 14th was Krummenacher and getting the last point was Jake Gagne. Smrz crossed the line in 16th and Jezek in 17th.

DNF: De Rosa crashed out early on at T10 along with Torres at T2 and Badovini at T5. Camier suffered a technical problem and had to retire.

The championship still remains with Rea leading with 341 points in front of Sykes on 282 and Davies on 226. Melandri is in 4th with 189 ahead of Lowes on 148 and Forés on 132. In 7th is van der Mark on 129 with Camier in 8th on 99 points. Torres is in 9th on94 points and rounding out the top 10 is Laverty on 89.