This weekend we’re back in Italy for WorldSBK at the Circuit Misano Sic 58 for the 7th round of the season.

The starting grid for race 1 was Sykes, Rea and Melandri on the front row with Davies, van der Mark and Camier behind. Row 3 was Lowes, Forés and Torres with Laverty, Krummenacher and Ramos on the 4th – Row 5 was Savadori, Mercado and De Rosa. De Angelis, Bradl and wild card Menghi riding a Ducati lined up on the 6th row and finishing the grid it was Badovini and Jezek.

The race started with Rea leading for a very short time before van der Mark took the lead and managed to keep it for the entirety of his race run with an ever increasing lead before crashing out on lap 15  due to tyre problems as you tyre had come off the rim. While van der Mark was still in the fight, it was Rea and Davies swapping positions, but Rea finally got past Davies and started to catch up to vdM. While Rea was on the rear wheel of van der Mark, he crashed causing Rea to go wide to avoid contact, meaning that both Davies and Melandri closed in on the Kawasaki.

Behind them fighting for 9th was the two Spaniards Jordi Torres and Xavi Forés who were putting on a good show for the fans, swapping positions at every chance given with Laverty getting caught up in the drama.

There was plenty of last lap drama as Melandri crashed out at turn 4, and on the second to last corner it was Davies leading Rea. On the final few corners, Davies tucked the front leaving Rea with nowhere to go. Rea hit Davies and got thrown off his bike, both quick to their feet to remount – Rea successfully, Davies not. While Rea managed to rejoin and finish the race, incredibly in 3rd, Davies couldn’t and was taken away on a stretcher and transported to Rimini hospital. On the slow down lap Rea showed admirable sportsmanship and went to the track side to check on Davies after looking shaken up still by the incident.

Sykes P1 – “A completely different win but 25 points all the same and and for this win we have to be happy. I arrived to my limit and I couldn’t go any more, for me the tyres in the beginning never had the push – but you know this is racing and that’s definitely not an excuse, the guys in front were riding incredibly fast and all I can see is that we are at our limit and understood it and stayed their. Luckily for us in the last laps, the other riders around us started to make some mistakes and some got unlucky but overall, 25 points is good for us and what can I say. Already, through the race I was thinking about tomorrow because our bike needs to just improve a little bit but tomorrow the idea is to join to fight and try and win it fairly but overall, the day couldn’t haven’t gone any better, I’m happy to enjoy the moment.”

Lowes P2 – “We was very lucky with the top 3, I think a couple of main things – I hope the other guys are alright because it was really tricky with them conditions and I believe van der Mark’s was not all his fault so he’s done a fantastic job all weekend on the other side of the garage so he didn’t really deserve that and he was riding the bike really well. From my side, I was a lot happier with my pace, I feel like in laps 20/21 I was doing as good a lap time as I’ve done all weekend. It was a difficult race for me, I tried as hard as I could and you don’t have to be there at the end unfortunately, but I take this podium and hopefully we can improve in our genuine speed for tomorrow – Massive thanks to everyone for the support, I’ve been quite unlucky in the couple of years gone by and in the last few races I’ve been really lucky so I’ll enjoy the moment for that.”

Rea P3 – “It was a crazy race, first I was just selling my pace and unfortunately van der Mark’s crash was such a strange crash, I’m sure he didn’t make a mistake and I went off the track and then that allowed the group to catch me again. After that I relaxed and Davies came past and I did everything I could to mount a last lap attack in the last corner but unfortunately he crashed and I had nowhere to go and hit him. I’m so sorry for this, I stopped on the slow down lap and seeing if he was ok and he seems ok, his back was a bit sore but I really hope and pray that he’s fine and I’m really sorry because I had nowhere to go so right now, I’m just thinking about him and hope he’s ok.”

These were the race 1 results: Sykes 1st, Lowes 2nd, Rea 3rd. 4th was Torres followed by Forés, Laverty and Krummenacher. 8th was Ramos in front of Savadori, De Rosa and Camier who crashed but remounted. De Angelis came across the line in 12th followed by Badovini and Jezek.


  • Bradl – Retired due to technical issue.
  • Davies – Crash at T14.
  • van der Mark – Crash at T13.
  • Russo – Retired.
  • Mercado – Crashed at T4, rejoined but eventually retired.
  • Menghi – Crash at T4.