Sunday was a sunny day from the start, ready for the racing. With a turn out of over 35 thousand for the whole weekend, it was expected to be a good one with Sykes hoping to maintain his wins here.

The starting grid was Melandri on pole, with van der Mark in 2nd and Camier in 3rd. In 4th was Mercardo, then Davies, Torres and Lowes. Lining up in 8th was wild card Haslam, followed by the Donington King Sykes with Rea behind him in 10th. Finishing row 4 it was Laverty and Forés leading Savadori, Krummenacher and De Angelis from the 5th row. The 6th row included another British wild card, Dixon, in front of Bradl and De Rosa. The final two rows were made up of Ramos, Russo, Jezek and Badovini.

The race started similar to yesterday with Haslam once again making up a number of places straight away – this time coming from 8th to 3rd. Unfortunately, it was short lived, as he crashed out at T12. Sykes got a bad start and struggled to get up from his 3rd row start unlike his team mate Rea, who managed to make up 9 positions within the first few laps. As soon as he got to the front, he started to create a gap.

Sykes had recovered from his start and every lap he was catching up, putting in consistent fastest laps along with Davies who was the man on the move, but Rea was still out in front increasing his lead. It looked as if van der Mark was having a lonely ride in 3rd and was in serious podium contention, but Davies caught up and started putting on the pressure. Eventually, Davies overtook and claimed 3rd, but van der Mark wasn’t going to give it away easily and tried to fight until the end, but just didn’t have the pace to keep up.

Through the entire race you could see the consistency of Rea and how smooth and calm he looked, making it understandable why he won.

This is what the podium sitters had to say:

P1 – Rea: “This means a lot to me, they really gave me an incredible bike overnight, the guys worked so hard to build a brand new bike with new set up. Warm up was incredible, pace was fast so I knew I could win today but coming from 10th was going to be so, so difficult and I guess that’s what happens when I really try, you know when I push hard I can win. Really proud to give Kawasaki their 100th win, a manufacturer that means a lot to me, I know it means a lot to them. As this week has been very difficult, not just for me but for everyone in the motor sport family and I want to dedicate this race win to Nicky Hayden because not just the paddock, the world is the worse place without him and we are all thinking about him and his family.”

P2 – Sykes: “All good things come to an end in life and that’s something we have to understand but you know, I’m happy and today I lost a fair fight, unfortunately my starting position wasn’t good on 9th on the inside, got boxed in and I think Rea had a real good run on into T1 around the outside and he made a lot of ground in those early laps and it took some closing down. It was an enjoyable race, I really enjoyed it and the pace was good, we had the good pace, the character of the bike was good but we just missed a little bit in some areas but ultimately, Sunday afternoon – What a ride around Donington Park and thoroughly enjoyed it and like I said I was beaten fair, it had to come to an end but overall it has been a good round for the championship and I feel that we are making progress for the future and we have some good races coming up. Once again, thanks for the great support and we will try again next time.”

P3 – Davies: “The big take home from here is that we are on the podium for the home race, really tough – It felt like a game of Mario Kart for a bit out there it was bikes flying in front of me left, right and centre and I was basically just trying to dodge them all. Anyway I made it through cleanly with a few off track moments but here we are on the podium but it wasn’t easy, I had to come through a fair bit and I used up a lot of tyre coming through as well – It was tough. Really happy to be here and I want to dedicate this podium to the family of Nicky Hayden.”

The results stood as Rea taking 1st making the 100th win for Kawasaki followed by Sykes and Davies taking the final podium stop. Van Der Mark took 4th followed by Lowes in 5th with Camier in 6th. It was then Forés in 7th with Ramos crossing the line after him. Finishing in the top 10 was Dixon with an impressive ride and closing the top 10 it was De Rosa. Bradl arrived in 11th followed by Russo, Jezek and Badovini all scoring points today.

DNF: Unfortunately there were many crashes from Mercardo (T10), Torres (T10), Laverty (T8), De Angelis (T8), Haslam (T12) and finally Krummenacher (T1). Savadori had to retire and Melandri suffered a mechanical problem (his chain snapped) meaning his race was over.

Rea still leads the championship with 260 points followed by his team mate Sykes on 205 points. Davies in 3rd with 185 with the other Ducati in 4th – Melandri on 137 points. It is then team mates Lowes and Van Der Mark taking up 4th and 5th on 121 and 102. Forés is 7th with 99, Camier in 8th with 84. Torres who failed to finish today is 9th with 72 points and finishing the top 10 is Laverty on 58 points.